Project Related Forms

Scheduling Disclosure

The Bath Shop, LLC., makes every attempt to assure our bath & kitchen remodel projects are scheduled, started, and completed as soon as permissible without compromising quality we have committed to provide.   Scheduling of your bath or kitchen remodel is contingent on completion of tasks enumerated in this document.

Owner Provided Materials

Reuse of existing materials or Owner provided/purchased products installed by The Bath Shop, LLC. at the Owner’s request is completed without benefit of material warranty.  All materials or products not provided by The Bath Shop, LLC. must be enumerated in this document.   


Engineer Letter Requset

If during our initial in-home consultation and preparation of a proposal for the remodel of your bath or kitchen, it has been determined a requested wall removal, required structural change, or indications the structural integrity of floor or foundation must be examined by an engineer, This completed document is required.

Hidden/Hazardous Conditions & Materials

Disclosure of potential hidden structural, material, or hazardous conditions which may not be identified prior to commencement of work.  Document to be completed by Owner even if conditions are not yet determined to be present on project. 

Our Process

Wondering how our bathroom and shower remodeling process work? We’ve spent years honing our system to optimize quality and mitigate costs.


Our Pricing

Planning your bathroom remodel budget? See The Bath Shop’s bathroom design pricing tiers to help you align your wish list with your wallet.


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