Bathroom Makeover, Chapel Hill, NC

A bathroom makeover can transform the look and feel of the space.

Bathroom Makeover in Chapel Hill, North CarolinaWhen you walk into the bathroom of your home, do you feel proud of its appearance? Or do you wish it had modern surfaces, more storage space, or a better layout? If you fall in the latter category, you’re certainly not alone. Many people find that their bathrooms simply don’t meet their needs or provide the appeal they want. Luckily, you don’t have to just deal with this problem. At The Bath Shop, one of our areas of expertise is bathroom makeovers in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. A bathroom makeover can transform the look and feel of the space, giving you a bathroom you’ll look forward to using as you get ready each day.

Looking at bathroom makeover options and designs can feel overwhelming. When you start to tally up the cost for all the things you want to change, you may feel like it’s out of reach. But our approach to bathroom remodeling is laid out in three tiers, which are broken down by included services and price. If you’re on the lower end with your budget, the base Luxe tier can provide a number of enhancements that will improve the way your bathroom looks. It includes new tile, countertops, flooring, fixtures, bathroom hardware, and cabinetry, as well as select lighting upgrades. You can keep your cost lower by keeping certain elements that are in good condition.

If you want a full bathroom makeover, the mid-level Luxe tier could be the best choice. It may include relocating plumbing elements to improve the flow, removing and replacing your tub, and adding a gorgeous walk-in shower with accent tile and upgrades. The top Elite trim offers the ultimate bathroom makeover with high-end inclusions that will turn your space into a spa. Contact us to request a consultation to discuss bathroom makeover options with our experienced technicians.

At The Bath Shop, we offer bathroom makeover services in Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Morrisville, Chapel Hill, Wake Forest, Clayton, Garner, Youngsville, Carrboro, Fuquay-Varina, Holly Springs, and Apex, North Carolina.

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