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How Do I Explain the Style I Want to My Bathroom Designer?

You know what you like and what you don’t like, but what’s the best way to communicate that to your bathroom designer? Styles can be a great shorthand for explaining your aesthetic preferences without having to scroll through Pinterest together. Here are a few styles that will help you and your bathroom designer get on …

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Should I Keep a Bathtub in My Bathroom Remodel?

Large walk-in showers are all the rage these days, but have they replaced the beloved bathtub? Bathtubs can seem overly luxurious or unnecessary to those who don’t have time for a soak, and showers can save time, space, and money. Still, there are some perks to having a tub. Here are a few things to think about if you’re considering nixing the bathtub for your bathroom remodel.

How Can I Make my Remodel Look Like a Designer Bathroom?

A bathroom remodel at our Boutique level starts at $20,000.00. And, although it’s far from typical, some bathroom remodels can reach the six-figure stratosphere. Remodeling is an investment, but turning your bathroom into a space that inspires dreams of luxury doesn’t have to break the bank, either. Here are 5 designer ideas to make your ideal bathroom a reality, while sticking to a healthy budget.

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