Stephanie Lackford – Senior Design Consultant

Stephanie graduated from Lawrence Tech in Southfield with a master’s degree in architecture. She has over 13 years of experience in the industry with a focus on kitchen and bathroom remodeling and has been with The Bath Shop for over four years. Her journey started with kitchens where she learned everything you need to know about cabinetry and countertops. Her kitchen designing skills easily transferred over to bathrooms where she has a knack for beautiful tile designs and functionable layouts for every person. Stephanie’s favorite part about being a designer is being able to help people get what they want. She says it’s the best experience to see others excited about getting their perfect space. “When a client tells me that I’ve made the process seamless and that it wasn’t a stressful experience, I love that.” She also enjoys getting creative with each remodeling job and thinks fondly about a unique job where she felt like a fish out of water. “The chandelier the client picked out was stunning, it had crystal goats and pears; she had an amazing vision and I got to help her put it together. It was a challenge but so fun, I really enjoyed designing that bathroom.” When not designing bathrooms and kitchens, Stephanie has a passion for power lifting, playing with her three lab pups, and being in the woods with her husband.

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