Justin Johnson

Justin Johnson – Owner/Founder

Justin Johnson, owner and founder of The Bath Shop, grew up in eastern North Carolina with construction in his blood. Some of his fondest childhood memories are of spending time in the workshop with his granddad, a plant engineer, making and inventing things.

Though Justin also has a background in real estate and construction, he went to UNC-Chapel Hill and obtained a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism. After obtaining his degree, Justin couldn’t deny the call of owning his own business, working with his hands, and getting to execute a vision. “I love knowing what a bathroom remodel is going to look like before anybody else,” he says. Justin relishes the opportunity to bring that vision to life—and then watch the satisfaction on his clients’ faces when they see the final product.

Justin is particularly fond of all the details that go into a renovation. From the first design sketch, to the selection and ordering of materials, to the final installation—there are literally hundreds of moving parts to coordinate. Sometimes, he acknowledges, the kitchen and bath industry gets a bad rap. But, Justin is on a mission to change that: “My entire team works day in and day out with customers to uphold the tradition of great craftsmanship and integrity. We’re proud to be a company that stands behind our work.”

In his spare time, Justin isn’t one to leave work at work. He loves tackling the home improvement Honey-Do List his wife gives him on the weekends. He also enjoys spending time with his two young sons (ages 7 and 5), and working on his golf swing. Justin’s greatest challenge in life? You might assume it’s being the head of a successful, growing business or overseeing his team and the projects that come to The Bath Shop. No… according to Justin, the real challenge is golf.

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