The Ins and Outs of Dekton


When building or remodeling any area of your home or business, you want every element to shine. You know that you want to use natural stone, but what’s the best option?

Here, we’ll break down everything you need to know about Dekton, the highest-quality carbon-neutral stone product for your home.

What Is Dekton?

Dekton is a natural stone—perfected. Dekton brings out the natural beauty and the superior performance of stone through technological advancements. It’s one-of-a-kind, combining over 20 naturally occurring minerals to create the perfect material for fireplaces, counters, flooring, facades, and other home furnishings.

This construction happens through TSP technology, which mixes mineral particles and creates bonds stronger than that of the original minerals alone.


Dekton’s Parent Company

Dekton is created by Cosentino Group, a Spanish-owned company that prides itself on family values and the production and distribution of the highest quality stone surface the world over. Cosentino works with partners and clients to create inspiring design solutions that offer value while prioritizing the planet and the community.

In 2021, Cosentino employed almost 5,500 people in over 100 markets. This is significant growth since its inception in 1945 when it started as a small family-owned business. Two decades later, they expanded into larger offices but kept the same values that prioritized the environment, the consumer, and the employee. They are still owned by the same family today.

Cosentino Group is committed to sustainable practices not only environmentally, but in the social and government sectors as well. The Eduarda Justo Foundation (named for one of Cosentino’s founders) promotes education and training opportunities for Spanish youth, especially those from disadvantaged families. It also collaborates with other social organizations that foster the growth and encouragement of the next generation.

When you choose Dekton, you are supporting positive practices, family values, and pride in creative craftsmanship.

Benefits of Dekton

Dekton’s polyvalence means that it withstands even the most highly trafficked areas, such as entryways, hallways, and outdoor facades. It’s also incredibly compact; whereas nature takes thousands of years to push minerals together into something so strong and sturdy, the TSP technology generates 25,000 tons of pressure quickly and efficiently. Thus, there are no micro-defects as there are in earth-made stone, meaning no weak points or tension areas that would otherwise cause cracking and breaking. Furthermore, Dekton is almost completely non-porous, so you don’t have to worry about anything compromising its integrity.

This wonderful stone is also abrasion-resistant. Other high-quality stones, such as granite and porcelain, are easily worn down. Dekton’s mineral composition makes it ideal for spaces that get plenty of foot traffic or that are used daily, such as kitchen countertops. It even stands up to commercial-level use and strong weather.


You won’t find scratches or nicks in your Dekton stone, either. It’s as hard as quartz—a 7/10 on the Mohs scale. You can walk on, lean against, or otherwise use Dekton without worrying about breaking, chipping, or scratching it.

It’s also non-porous, so spills won’t soak into the stone and it won’t stain. You can wipe up any messes with soap, water, and traditional cloths—no need to go out and buy specific cleaners like you would with other types of precious stone.

Design Options

If you can imagine it, Dekton can do it. This technologically perfected natural stone comes in sizes from the small 71×71 cm to overly large 320×144 cm slabs. Of course, both small and large pieces can be placed together with the ultimate visual continuity, making the final product appear almost seamless before the naked eye.

Dekton also comes in a variety of thicknesses (4, 8, 12, 20, or 30 mm). No matter what amount of space you need Dekton to serve, there’s an option for you. Dekton Slim also comes in the largest panel size while still offering plenty of ease for installation and transportation—and at the right price, too.

It’s also incredibly easy to install, and cost-efficient! Even the most budget-conscious consumers will be pleased with the price point of Dekton Optima, which is specially designed for the most common vertical applications.

If shine is what you’re going for, but you don’t want to deal with enamel or other chemicals on your furnishings, then Dekton X-Gloss is the perfect solution. It uses mechanical polishing to give a dazzling glaze that lasts year after year, use after use.

Environmental Sustainability

Dekton is made with sustainability in mind. Its parent company, Cosentino, has achieved a full carbon-neutral process for Dekton, from its beginning stages to the end of its life in someone’s home. Dekton is made from both recovered and recyclable materials, making it one of the most planet-friendly choices for outfitting the home or business.

Not only is Dekton environmentally friendly, but it is also the only surface on the market that is entirely carbon neutral, from cradle to grave. If you want your home or business to be crafted from the highest standards, then Dekton is the ultimate choice.

How does Dekton achieve this? By concentrating on each step, one at a time. From the collection of raw materials, transport and logistics, fabrication, distribution, retail, and final installation, every detail is curated to ensure 100% carbon offset.

First, the carbon footprint is determined by a third-party organization. Then, Dekton’s parent company ensures that all the energy used to create the stone slabs comes from renewable resources. Cosentino then offsets any carbon emissions through investments in projects that offset GHG emissions.

Not only are Dekton products made with a zero-net carbon footprint, but they’re also doubly beneficial for the environment because they’re made with recycled materials. Since they last for decades, they don’t need to be replaced over and over. All of the energy used in Dekton furnishings is also renewable, including recycled water. Furthermore, Dekton products are also delivered using clean and efficient transportation methods.

Dekton Collections

If you want your furnishings to flow, all on the same theme, then you can choose pieces all from the same Dekton collection, making your design choices easy. Or, you can mix and match colors and textures so that they play off of each other and create unique, creative spaces.


When you see these pieces, you’ll think of a journey from real life into dreamland and beyond. The boundaries between what is real and what you desire are blurred, and every view or touch brings you to the edge of bliss.

The Onirika Dekton pieces offer two-toned marbling that captivates the sight and tactile senses. They give a touch of fantasy to any space, providing that feeling of all the things you want but can’t name.

  • Awake – classic white marbled with a bright copper hue
  • Limbo – steady lines of subtle gray that highlight bright white
  • Daze – thick and thin black marbling for the perfect amount of character
  • Lucid – unique silver marbling for a smooth, textured look
  • Trance – sweeping black brushstrokes on a bright white
  • Morpheus –white and silver highlights across gray stone
  • Vigil – thick touches of gray highlighting small sections of white stone
  • Neural – white with just a touch of silver strips
  • Somina – full black with highlights of gray in all directions


The Kraftizen collection provides savvy designers with versatile color options when they want their space to pop with taste and a unique feel.

  • Albarium – classic matte off-white that goes with any space
  • Argentium – light cream hue with deeper-toned brushstrokes
  • Nacre – earthy tan that gives off the feel of desert sand
  • Micron – deep gray for those modern, upscale spaces
  • Umber – peachy rose for a bright pop of color


Stonika’s four classic colors exude realistic beauty with vibrant patterns and textures. The veins in these stone pieces attract the eye and captivate the senses.


  • Khalo – dark gray mixed with light gray for a unique two-toned hue
  • Helena – white swirls in a silver hue
  • Arga – cream, tan, and brown swirl
  • Bergen – deep silver brushed onto a gray palette


This Dekton collection calls upon nature to give entrancing pieces that bring to mind the strength and creativity of the earth. This special collection is a collaborative work involving Patternity designers in addition to Cosentino’s experts.


  • Liquid Embers – dark blue tones with matte and gloss features
  • Liquid Shell – off-white and cream that shines with sophistication
  • Liquid Sky – white with swirling grey veins

Dekton’s Warranty

When you invest in Dekton surfaces, you can trust that your purchase is going to last. Every Dekton piece comes with a 25-year warranty in addition to the highest standards of technology, innovation, and design.

When you purchase a residential Dekton product, you’ll receive a Letter of Warranty (available for download when you register your piece). Dekton furnishings for public spaces and building facades are also eligible for warranties.


Choosing Dekton means that you’ll have an energetic, soulful space that is not only functional and responsible but aesthetically breathtaking. Most specialty kitchen and home stores supply Dekton. If you know you want this technologically advanced stone in your build or remodel, ask your contractor about the available Dekton options.


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