Hiring A Reputable Bathroom and Kitchen Remodel Contractor – The First Impression

Hiring a reputable bath or kitchen remodeling contractor is probably the most important first step of any bath or kitchen renovation. A bad experience with a disreputable contractor can make one never want to remodel again. Here are some tips and red flags to be aware of when finding a reputable contractor. This will be a series on the topic, so be sure to come back weekly for the next helpful hint on selecting your contractor.

This week we will be discussing the first impression of your potential contractor. The initial visit with the contractor is the starting point to a successful home renovation experience.  This is not just a time for a contractor to inspect your bath or kitchen for proposal purposes but is the first opportunity to evaluate the contractor’s ability to become a trusted partner in achieving your remodel objectives.

Get Your Dream Bathroom with a Bathroom Contractor

Does the contractor communicate well – asking the right questions and offering suggestions, demonstrating their interest and ability to bring value to the project or is the contractor’s focus just to provide an estimate?  The ideal remodeling contractor will take time to envision your dream space, understand your objectives, talk design, discuss options, and considerations you would expect to hear from a reputable professional.  How much time is the contractor investing to earning your confidence and business?  Consultation with a reputable bathroom and kitchen contractor will leave you looking forward to your next meeting versus just receiving their quote.

Most of the time your gut reaction to a first impression of someone can be a good indicator of whether or not you will have a good experience with this contractor. However, by paying attention to how they communicate with you, the questions they ask and the time they spend discussing your project, you will be on the right path to selecting a reputable contractor. Come back next week when we will touch on the timeline expectations a bathroom and kitchen contractor will give and the contract you will sign.

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