These Features Can Make for a Fabulous Bathroom Makeover

Sometimes you deliberately plan for a bathroom makeover and other times damages or leaks cause you to go ahead and remodel the whole bathroom while you fix the damages. Whatever your reason for a bathroom makeover, why settle for anything but a fabulous one? With the help of The Bath Shop, we can help make your bathroom makeover one that you will never want to leave. Here are just a few features that can give your bathroom makeover that something extra.

your enjoyment in your bathroom makeover


  • Shower heads and features- Getting into the shower and just turning on the faucet is for yesterday’s bathroom. With your new bathroom makeover, you can turn your daily shower into a symphony! Enjoy multiple shower heads, a rainfall shower option, chromotherapy or aromatherapy, steam options, and so much more.
  • Stand-alone tub- When you do finally have time to take a nice soak in your bathtub, make sure it is a beautiful one! With step-up tubs, stand-alone tubs, claw-foot options and soakers, there is no shortage of tubs for your enjoyment in your bathroom makeover.
  • Lighting- Who says bathroom lighting has to be boring? Dimmer switches can make the transition from morning to fully awake easier as well as give you the ideal lighting for make-up application.
  • Heated floors- Tile is great for bathrooms and also great for freezing your feet! Heated floors will be a luxury you won’t be able to live without after adding them to your bathroom makeover.
  • Fireplace- Does anyone need a fireplace in the bathroom? Yes- you do! Your bathroom makeover will feel warm and inviting with a crackling fire burning.

These are just some of the features that we here at The Bath Shop can add to your bathroom makeover. For more ideas, contact us today!

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