Why Working with a Designer Is Key to Successful Remodels


All kinds of residential designers are available to help with successful remodels. The term encompasses interior designers, architects, and other professional roles. Bringing an expert in on your project ensures the right skills and knowledge are present so you can take your home from what it is and turn it into a dream home you’re proud to show off.

If you have ever spoken to someone who tried to handle a remodel without the use of professionals, there’s one thing that will come up again and again. Most will say: I really wish I’d hired a designer to help me. You don’t want to end up in a situation where you’re saying the same thing because you thought you could handle a big project all on your own.

The same applies even to smaller projects. After you start opening things up and changing them, there will be situations you likely don’t know how to handle. An experienced professional will have seen it all and done it all. This person has the creative problem-solving you need to get exactly what you want without spending all your hard-earned money.

The Top Reasons to Work with a Designer for a Successful Remodel

If you still aren’t sure whether you should go to the trouble of hiring a professional like those from The Bath Shop, the rest of this article will provide other reasons it’s the best choice you could make. Let’s start with how it can save you time, something most of us appreciate since life can be busy and chaotic.

It Can Save a Ton of Your Time 

Most people don’t know the ins and outs of structural choices in a home. You may not be privy to new technologies and materials that could be more appropriate, better, and less expensive than the ones you know about. Learning all these things can take time –sometimes, it’s a lot of hours. Meanwhile, a designer will have this information ready to go.

As technology changes, new techniques are constantly hitting the market. Things like energy-efficiency requirements are tougher today and have changed some of the most traditional building practices. Having someone on your team who has knowledge of building assembly ensures the building meets all codes.

Some of these codes are dense and hard to understand. If you haven’t dealt with them before, gleaning information from them can be challenging. Designers are familiar with codes and can submit drawings to the building authority to ensure everything meets construction standards and codes.

This means fewer revisions are needed, which also saves time. If you turn in low-quality plans, getting things right might take many tries. The difference between going it alone and bringing in an expert can be many weeks of work and days of sleepless nights. 

You’ll Benefit from Their Understanding and Expertise

What is a designer’s main function when renovating a home? This professional takes down all your needs and then creates a specialized way to tackle the project at hand. This might be the only task you hire the designer for, but they will have an array of resources to ensure the remodel goes smoothly.

Depending on budget and needs, designers can help with applications, research planning, coordinate with contractors and surveyors, and even check in on construction being done to be sure that the building plans are followed as accurately as possible. Doing this on your own will take tons of time and might lead to confusion and delays.

Many types of designers are available to help with remodels. Some are licensed as professionals, and others might be builders who have expanded into design and handle construction, design, and home remodels. Unlicensed designers can be less expensive and may work for your needs, but only work with someone reputable.

Professionals Know the Jargon and How Things Work Together

Unless you are adept at understanding 2D drawings, a designer is someone you need by your side. Whoever is creating and looking over the drawings needs a great understanding of how to interpret elevation, sections, and plans. What starts as a simple 2D drawing is morphed into a 3D construction using insulation, wood studs, appliances, and more.

Sometimes the drawings can be misinterpreted, which can make it more challenging to successfully follow through with a remodel. It’s important to understand how each element of the space goes with others. Some contractors may not be familiar with all these things. Others might overlook things. Designers will make certain this does not happen.

For example, consider the following scenario. You’re supervising the remodel yourself, and the contractors don’t follow all the details in the drawing. Rather than placing a vapor barrier on the warm side of the home, it was placed on the cold side. This probably doesn’t sound very important. However, it can be. Moisture can cause fungus and rot, which leads to structural failure. The only way to fix the situation would require pulling out a lot of work and starting over. That’s not something you want to deal with. 

It Provides You with Someone That Will Advocate for You

Some trades are smooth to work with, while others are not. If it’s hard to communicate with the team, you aren’t going to have much luck finding out how much they’re sticking to the drawings. If something goes wrong, you may have no idea who caused the issue, which can lead to frustration.

It can also be time-consuming to determine what one subcontractor does and where another picks up on things. Sometimes, an early item is improperly constructed or completely forgotten, and it causes problems down the line. If the person who made the mistake is no longer there, it might be difficult to bring them back. And the new contractor will often have a high fee to fix another person’s work.

For instance, maybe you forget to bring in someone who can do construction management duties. The initial subcontractors don’t do a great job and refuse to come back to make things up to code, so you need to bring in a second set of contractors to fix the original problems. This can add thousands to a remodeling project.

Attention to Detail and Design Sense Come with Designers

Designers look at your functional needs while also considering how to make everything look gorgeous. A good designer is a 3D thinker who finds the small things in a design that others might not notice. The best designers are constantly learning more about trends in local, national, and even international design.

Most people doing a remodel want to add value to the home while ensuring it has an appeal that will last. Designers are the professionals who can offer this to you. They have the skills to make the best of your home while ensuring the project goes off without a hitch so you can enjoy it.

Keep in mind that drawings don’t include every architectural detail of a space. Sometimes architects will add expected quality levels, plumbing fixtures, electrical fixtures, finishes, and other information on specifications and drawings. This aids the contractors who are doing the work. If these specifications aren’t included, it can slow the process down.

If a change order is needed, it instructs the contractors to do something different from the documents in the contract. This can make construction simpler depending on site conditions; however, it also may add costs if oversights lead to the need to redo some parts of the remodel in your home.

Most Designers Know Other Fantastic Professionals

The final reason you need a designer for your remodeling project is that these professionals know other experts who can also help you out. Designers are constantly meeting people of all sorts who also work on homes in other capacities. From landscapers to structural upholsters, the designer will likely have a network of contractors who can complete the job.

Sure, it might cost more to bring in a designer, but it’s worth it. The additional cost can often lead to savings if and when something goes wrong. Having a poor-quality remodel can sometimes be worse than no remodel at all. A great designer will ensure you get the look and feel you want while sticking to your established budget.

Final Thoughts

It’s ultimately up to you whether you bring a designer in to remodel your bathroom, kitchen, or home as a whole. However, now you have the information you need to decide what will work best for your needs. If you’re looking for professionals with tons of experience, get in touch with The Bath Shop to get things started and ensure you get the remodeling experience you desire.


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