9 Trends that are Big in Bathroom Renovations Right Now [infographic]

What’s the latest in the bathroom renovation industry? At The Bath Shop, updating bathrooms is our passion, so we’ve compiled a list on some of the top trends we’re seeing right now. If any one of these ideas piques your interest, make sure you call us about updating your bathroom!

9 Trends that are Big in Bathroom Renovations Right Now [infographic]

  1. Neutral palettes—More and more homeowners are creating monochromatic spaces in their bathrooms, either sticking with classic whites or a range of grey shades.
  2. Exposed shower plumbing—More and more homeowners want the industrial look that comes with leaving the shower plumbing exposed. This industrial trend looks great when paired with a white marble shower.
  3. Pewter hardware—Not as harsh as pure black but not as shiny as brass, pewter and gunmetal hardware provides some texture and depth to any bathroom.
  4. Statement walls—Especially in small powder rooms where space is at a premium, adding a statement wall with a bold-patterned wallpaper is the thing to do right now.
  5. White and grey marble—White and grey marble materials for countertops and flooring continue to be strong materials for bathrooms.
  6. Spa-like designs—No longer do people see their bathroom as a utilitarian space. Rather, they envision it as an oasis they can use as a personal escape.
  7. Concrete—Concrete is becoming more and more popular as a material used for bathroom floors, walls, countertops, and sink basins.
  8. Freestanding tubs—While most bathrooms we renovate still have a walk-in shower, many homeowners like the look of a freestanding tub somewhere else in the room.
  9. Fire features—Nothing says relaxation and luxury more than installing a fireplace near the vanity or in the tub area.


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