Reasons to Consider a Bathroom Makeover

The bathroom is arguably the most functional room in the house—after all, you visit it multiple times a day—and these functions are vital to everyday health and happiness. For a room with such importance to daily living, the bathroom is often overlooked from a design standpoint, leaving many homeowners with bathrooms that are cramped, dated, or otherwise lacking. Here at The Bath Shop, we can create the perfect bathroom for your home, giving you the functionality you need with a design you love. You don’t have to put up with your frustrating bathroom situation any longer, and if you need more convincing, here are three additional reasons you should consider a bathroom makeover:

1.   Conserve Water- In the average home, the toilet and shower account for approximately half of all daily water usage. Replacing these and other water fixtures with new, water-saving models will both help conserve a precious natural resource and keep your household operating costs down. Our team can recommend the most efficient toilets, faucets, and shower heads to reduce your water consumption without sacrificing your comfort.

it might be time for a bathroom makeover

2.   Add Storage- Another popular reason to have a bathroom makeover is to add much-needed storage space. In recent years, the average bathroom size has gone up, much to the relief of many homeowners. However, those who live in order homes are likely still stuck with tight quarters. If your bathroom is smaller than you would like or lacks the storage you need, you can consult with our team to learn how to add the extra space.

3.   Update Design- Over time, home design trends change, and what was once the peak of style becomes dated and played out. Bathrooms tend to show this aging the most, as they require more effort to re-style than other rooms in the house. If your bathroom looks like a relic from a bygone era, it might be time for a bathroom makeover.

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