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An aging in place bathroom is designed to meet the specific needs and challenges of older adults or individuals with limited mobility. Let us create a safe and accessible environment in your space. This will allow you to maintain your independence and perform daily activities with ease.

Steve Eisenstadt
Steve Eisenstadt
This is our second go-round with the Bath Shop. They completely renovated our master bath in 2020 and half-remodeled the guest bath. When it was time to finish the guest bath, we never imagined using anyone else. This second experience was just as terrific as the first. Excellent workmanship, A-plus communication, very nice people. I'll elaborate on what I said in 2020: With the Bath Shop, you're paying a premium for white-glove service that assures 100 percent reliability and inspires confidence every step of the way. From our design consultant Stephanie to project leader Susie (who texted every morning about what would happen that day) to foreman Chris to plumbers Tommy (the BEST plumber I have ever encountered in my 63 years) and Philip to the tile guys and everyone else, every one was a top-notch pro, not to mention really respectful and friendly. If you want to save a few bucks and go with a lesser outfit or, gulp, supervise the project yourself, knock yourself out. You get what you pay for. We would never use anyone but this excellent and trustworthy company. My first review, from 2020: A very professional and conscientious outfit. Really nice people too. In completely renovating our embarrassingly dated master bath and half-remodeling our nearly-as-pitiful guest bath, The Bath Shop got it done to perfection, on time, and with only a few of the minor hiccups that inevitably will crop up in a project of this size... and they did so during a global pandemic. Slightly on the expensive side, perhaps, but you get what you pay for. We're glad we paid for quality. As I told our wonderful designer Stephanie, after 2 1/2 years in our current house, these new bathrooms finally make it feel like a home. The Bath Shop really delivers -- based on our experience, you can put your trust in them 100 percent. My only regret is we didn't spring for a total remodel of the guest bath as well. Another time.
Alice Buchanan
Alice Buchanan
We had our main bathroom completely redone and they did a terrific job! Everyone on the design team, the crew, and our PM David were very pleasant and professional. The crew showed up on time every morning, cleaned up after themselves, and did excellent work. David always kept us up-to-date on the status of everything and went above and beyond to make sure every detail was taken care of. We highly recommend The Bath Shop!
Bryan R Shipp
Bryan R Shipp
We had a leak in our master shower that necessitated tearing it out and putting in a new one. We decided we wanted to improve what we originally had from the builder, and we chose The Bath Shop as our vendor. We could not be happier! We worked with Allison Vinson and Jessica Castillo were the designers we worked directly with to make sure we could build what we were imagining, and they were very helpful in pointing us toward tile selections and helping us understand what could and could not be done with our shower space, including providing architectural drawings to help us visualize what the space would look like after installation! They spun us up very quickly, and were able to start installing our new shower and tile within a month of finalizing our design. Demo and install took 20 days from start to finish (they were not here every day), and I want to give a shout-out to everyone involved in the installation because they were all fantastic: Dave Swartzel, our project manager; Daniel and David, who were on the demo team (and David also did some drywall / painting / groutwork for us); Tommy, our plumber; Willie and Jay, who did the tilework; Gaston, who painted our bathroom; and Alex and Jerry, who installed our sliding glass door. We ran into some trouble with our glass door installation, the door vendor was trying a new product and it just didn't really work, causing a delay of about 4 weeks between the time everything but the door was done and when the door got finally installed. During that delay, we worked with Travis, the operations manager, and Edwin, the glass team overseer, as well as Dave our project manager. I was thrilled at the professionalism, communication, and responsiveness of this team to the delay. There was no trying to pass the buck or avoid responsibility, they were just as frustrated as we were, and they worked diligently to minimize the delay in completing our project. You can see our beautiful shower and floor from the pictures I've attached to this review. This was unquestionably, for me and my wife, money well-spent. The work was phenomenal and I will be using them again for any bathroom remodels I want to do in the future, and will enthusiastically recommend them to anyone who wants to remodel their bathroom.
Bruce Damiano
Bruce Damiano
We engaged The Bath Shop to renovate a small bathroom and replace the tub with a curbless tiled shower with new tile flooring. The final product was superb and the process was enjoyable. The showroom designers provided just the right assistance by understanding what we wanted and making great design and material suggestions. Project work was scheduled in advance and they were prompt and cleaned up every workday. The trade experts (plumbing, tiling, carpentry and glass installers) were top-notch and personable and cared about their work and making us happy. The project manager David was outstanding and made routine site vists and phone calls to monitor work quality and our satisfaction. This is how a rennovation project (small or large) should be conducted. Extremely satisfied and would highly recommend if you want a quality bath renovation.
Betty Waters
Betty Waters

Aging in Place or "Accessible Bathroom" Must Haves

1. Grab Bars: Installing grab bars in strategic locations, such as near the toilet and inside the shower or bathtub, provides stability and support for older adults when standing up, sitting down, or moving around the bathroom. These bars are designed to bear weight and help prevent falls.  

2. Walk-in Shower or Bathtub: A walk-in shower or bathtub eliminates the need to step over a high threshold.  This reduces the risk of slips and falls. These accessible options typically have a low or no threshold entry, grab bars, built-in seating, and non-slip flooring.  CHECK OUT OUR Curbless Entry Walk-In Showers!!!

3. Non-slip Flooring: Using non-slip flooring materials, such as textured tiles or non-slip mats, will help reduce the risk of falls in the bathroom. It provides better traction, even when the floor is wet.  Textured surfaces are a must when designing for aging in place.

Unique and Convenient Design Considerations

1. Raised Toilet Seat: Installing a raised toilet seat makes it easier for older adults to sit down and stand up from the toilet. It reduces the strain on their knees and hips and promotes better balance.

2. Wheelchair Accessibility: Designing the bathroom with enough space to accommodate a wheelchair or mobility aid is important for individuals with mobility challenges. This includes wider doorways, open floor space, and a turning radius that allows easy maneuverability.  While not all aging in place bathrooms require wheelchair accessibility, it should be considered. 

3. Proper Lighting: Adequate lighting in the bathroom is essential for visibility and safety. Installing bright and well-placed lighting fixtures, including task lighting and motion-activated lights, will help older adults navigate the space more easily.

4. Lever Handles and Faucets: Lever handles and faucets are easier to use than traditional knobs.  This is especially true for individuals with limited dexterity or arthritis. Lever handles require less grip strength and can be operated with a gentle push or pull.

5. Ample Storage and Organization: Accessible storage options, such as lower cabinets or open shelves, allow older adults to reach toiletries and other bathroom essentials without straining or bending down.

Grab Bars and Accessibility

Grab bars in a shower are an important safety feature that provide support and stability to individuals while bathing.

aging in place grab bars
1. Purpose: The primary purpose of grab bars in a shower is to prevent slips and falls by providing a secure handhold. They allow individuals to maintain their balance and stability when entering, exiting, or moving around in the shower.

2. Installation: Grab bars in a shower are strategically installed in locations that offer the most support. Common areas for installation include the wall next to the shower entrance, along the back wall, and vertically near the shower controls. It is crucial to ensure proper installation by securely anchoring the grab bars to the wall studs. If studs are not available, use specialized mounting hardware designed for tile or fiberglass surfaces.

3. Design and Placement: Grab bars in a shower come in various designs, including straight bars, angled bars, and curved bars. The choice of design depends on the user’s specific needs and preferences. Grab bars should be placed at a height and location that is easy to reach and provides maximum support. It is important to consider the user’s height and mobility limitations when determining the placement.

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