Best Reasons for a Bathroom Makeover

It doesn’t matter if you typically embrace change or run from it, there’s one change you should be considering when it comes to your home: a bathroom makeover! While it can be tempting to stick with the status quo rather than undertake the cost and inconveniences involved with renovations. However, if you consistently avoid them, your home won’t increase in value as much as you hope. In fact, a dated home could leave your home on the market for months as buyers favor ones already renovated. So, why a bathroom makeover? There are several reasons:

  • Investment– As already mentioned, renovations add value. Your home is an investment and anything you do to improve it is also an investment. A bathroom makeover ranks at the top of the list for improvements that let you recoup a decent percentage of the investment when you sell.

Best Reasons for a Bathroom Makeover

  • Long-Term Cost Savings– When your bathroom makeover incorporates water-saving measures, you can also recoup the cost over time by having lower water bills. If you use less hot water, as well, you’ll be saving water heating costs, either electric or gas, depending on the type of water heater you have.
  • Health Benefits– An older bathroom can sometimes have hidden dangers, such as mold and mildew, making a bathroom makeover beneficial from a health standpoint. When you factor in stress-relieving baths in a large soaker or jetted bathtub and feeling calm in your new-found oasis, your new bathroom could be a real boost to quality of life. You can also address accessibility concerns if you plan to “age in place.”
  • Embrace New Features– It might surprise you how many new products there are on the market these days that can also make your life more enjoyable. How does an aromatherapy or steam walk-in shower sound, for example?

If you are ready to enjoy these benefits, and more, related to a bathroom makeover, reach out to us at The Bath Shop in Raleigh, North Carolina, and we’re confident we can give you the exceptional, luxury bathroom you deserve.

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