Deciding on a Layout for your Kitchen Renovation

A full-scale kitchen renovation where you strip everything out to the walls (and even the walls sometimes!) is the best way to go if you are not happy with the current layout of your kitchen or any aspect of it. The key is not ending up with a layout that you eventually dislike nearly as much. To help avoid that scenario, you should consider the various types of layouts and how each would facilitate how you and your family typically utilize your home’s kitchen.

Deciding on a Layout for your Kitchen Renovation

  • U-Shaped Layout Kitchen Renovation– This is a common layout shape for many kitchens because it provides many different work areas. This is ideal for families who like to work together on meals or to have as much counterspace as possible for entertaining, baking cookies, and other situations where you’d want to be able to sprawl out. If your space is large enough, you can also add an island in the middle for even more versatility.
  • L-Shaped Layout Kitchen Renovation– While this affords less counterspace than a U-shaped one, it is ideal for a smaller footprint and for households where the “chef” prefers to be undisturbed or joined by helping hands.
  • Island Layout Kitchen Renovation- This is the modern version of the gallery kitchen layout that has fallen out of favor. You enjoy the same benefits of having workspace areas across from each other, but you keep the open floor plan that is popular and can add in seating for quick meals and entertaining. For a luxurious kitchen renovation, consider a two-island kitchen.
  • Peninsula Layout Kitchen Renovation– This is similar in concept to a U-shaped, but the one leg of the U is open concept. If the idea of a very long, open work area appeals to you, this might be a layout worth considering. You do lose the overhead cabinets since that style went out of favor a long time ago.

If you would like some inspiration and advice about layouts for kitchen renovations, reach out to us at The Bath Shop. Don’t let our name fool you, as we are just as exceptional with kitchens as we are bathrooms! We look forward to giving you the stunning new kitchen you’ll love and that will add value to your life and your home.

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