How a Bath Remodel Could Increase the Value of Your Home [infographic]

At The Bath Shop, we understand that the main impetus for a bathroom remodeling project is usually so you can create an oasis that speaks to you. Gaining functionality in a space that you spend a significant amount of time in each day makes a lot of sense. The good news about any renovation is that you can also add value to your home that can make your investment pay you back down the road. If you haven’t thought about how a bath remodel could increase the value of your home, here are a few ways that might surprise you.

How a Bath Remodel Could Increase the Value of Your Home[infographic]

  • Meet Lifestyle Standards- It is difficult to imagine that just a few decades ago, it was standard for a home to have just one bathroom. Today’s lifestyle standards are much higher, and adding an extra bathroom to your home will add tremendous value to your property. In addition, standards involve having larger bathrooms, so a bath remodel that expands one or more undersized bathrooms is a good investment.
  • Create Excitement- The best way to ensure a favorable outcome when you sell your home is to invest in a bath remodel that has a “wow” factor so that potential homeowners cannot forget your home even after looking at several others.
  • Handicap Accessible- There are many home remodeling projects you can do that are ideal for aging in place and accommodating mobility concerns. Consider such upgrades as walk-in showers, comfort-height toilets, and wide doorways.
  • Choose High-End Materials- If you want to optimize the value of your home, splurge on the higher-end materials that are sure to be appreciated by potential buyers, such as frameless showers, granite or marble countertops, high-quality tile work, and top-brand fixtures. Incidentally, these options can also make it look like your bath remodel increased the space even if you didn’t do so.
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