Convert a Tub to a Shower: The Bathroom Renovation that Everyone is Talking About

Bathrooms are not what they used to be! What was once a space that was used strictly for practical and no-frills purposes has drastically transformed into a space that we all want to be able to spend some of our free time in. If your bathroom is dull, outdated, or just plain not functional for your needs, then a bathroom renovation might be in your future. Bathroom renovations come in all shapes, sizes and price points, but one thing seems more common than it used to be here at The Bath Shop: the tub to shower conversion.

tub to shower conversion as part of your bathroom renovation

Converting a tub to a shower just a few years ago would have been paramount to blasphemy. Why would you take out someone’s ability to take a long and peaceful soak in the tub?! More and more, people started to realize that those beautiful jacuzzi tubs were going unused while their tiny showers that were being used daily were painfully small and unfunctional. With a tub to shower conversion as part of your bathroom renovation, people are able to get relaxing and luxurious showers every day in a spacious showering space. With the removal of a tub, people are able to bathe in enjoyment daily rather than the rare bubble bath.

If you are looking for someone who can help you convert a tub to a shower as part of your bathroom renovation, please contact us today here at The Bath Shop. We know that you will enjoy a larger shower and updated features that we can offer you. Give us a call today and start enjoying your morning routine.

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