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The Bath Shop team is made up of dedicated professionals who live and breathe the renovation industry. Three of us grew up working in family workshops and construction businesses; one discovered his love for building after making skate ramps for himself as a teen; and one started her career as an interior designer in the Northeast before finding her true home in North Carolina. But there’s one thing we all have in common: We’re wholly committed to excellence, craftsmanship, and providing high-quality service.

Justin Johnson – Owner/Founder

Justin Johnson, owner and founder of The Bath Shop, grew up in eastern North Carolina with construction in his blood. Some of his fondest childhood memories are of spending time in the workshop with his granddad, a plant engineer, making and inventing things.

Though Justin also has a background in real estate and construction, he went to UNC-Chapel Hill and obtained a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism. After obtaining his degree, Justin couldn’t deny the call of owning his own business, working with his hands, and getting to execute a vision. “I love knowing what a bathroom remodel is going to look like before anybody else,” he says. Justin relishes the opportunity to bring that vision to life—and then watch the satisfaction on his clients’ faces when they see the final product.

Justin is particularly fond of all the details that go into a renovation. From the first design sketch, to the selection and ordering of materials, to the final installation—there are literally hundreds of moving parts to coordinate. Sometimes, he acknowledges, the kitchen and bath industry gets a bad rap. But, Justin is on a mission to change that: “My entire team works day in and day out with customers to uphold the tradition of great craftsmanship and integrity. We’re proud to be a company that stands behind our work.”

In his spare time, Justin isn’t one to leave work at work. He loves tackling the home improvement Honey-Do List his wife gives him on the weekends. He also enjoys spending time with his two young sons (ages 5 and 3), and working on his golf swing. Justin’s greatest challenge in life? You might assume it’s being the head of a successful, growing business or overseeing his team and the projects that come to The Bath Shop. No… according to Justin, the real challenge is golf.

Jason Ham – Senior Project Manager

Jason Ham has been working in the remodeling field for more than 22 years. He spent his early years in Chicago, where his father worked as a plant engineer before relocating to Elon, NC. Instead of attending summer camp, Jason preferred to visit his dad at work and sit at his drafting table. (He even wore a small hardhat that read: Junior Engineer!) When it came time to begin his own career, Jason started out in construction. He worked as a master tile fitter for 13 years, then owned his own remodeling company, then became a general contractor.

Jason has an associate’s degree in business management and is OSHA Safety certified and PMP (Project Management Professional) certified. He has also been certified by the EPA for storm water protection, and has experience creating 3-D renderings.

In the past, Jason worked in water restoration and mold remediation, which involves remodeling projects for clients who have experienced an event that left their homes with extensive damage. Because these projects were unplanned, time-sensitive, and often involved heightened emotions, this experience helped Jason develop exceptionally strong project management skills. He also worked commercially as a site superintendent, supervising large corporate projects.

When it comes to his free time, Jason laughs — “I basically just follow my son around!” He’s a single father to an 11-year-old boy, a great student who wants to be an architect. Like his own father did with him, Jason likes to occasionally bring his son to work. Outside of the office, the two of them enjoy fishing, skateboarding, and playing with Bubba, their English bulldog.

Diana Trumper – Project Coordinator

Diana Trumper may not be originally from the South—but she got here as soon as she could! Diana has been a proud North Carolinian since 1993, but she was born in New York and raised in Connecticut. Diana went to school in New England, where she obtained one associate’s degree in interior design and another in architectural engineering technology. Before coming to The Bath Shop, she worked as a designer and cabinetry rep for more than 15 years, helping clients create their dream kitchens and bathrooms.

A consummate professional with a long history in kitchen and bath design, Diana has worked closely with the Interior Design Society and is a member of the elite group of CQRID-certified designers, who are widely known in the industry to be crème de la crème interior design professionals. At The Bath Shop, she loves her job as a Project Coordinator because it allows her to roll up her sleeves and get down to business, as well as solve the unique challenges that accompany each individual project.

Diana and her husband, a general contractor, live and breathe design and construction. In their free time, they enjoy doing home and garden projects, spending time on their boat in Manteo, NC, and taking care of their menagerie of animals: a dog, two cats, and seven chickens. At the end of the day, Diana, her husband, and all ten animals like to hang out together, relaxing on the back deck and enjoying the evenings.

Chuck Haithcock – Construction Manager

Chuck Haithcock is a Raleigh native who still lives on the land that’s been in his family for generations (it used to be a dairy farm). As a teenager, he started working for his uncle, who built houses. Chuck went to college on a baseball scholarship, but after a broken shoulder ended his baseball career, he returned to work with his uncle to continue learning the trade.

His uncle taught him everything there is to know about the construction industry. From electrical and HVAC to plumbing and carpentry, Chuck can do it all. Later, he also worked for a water company, where he built well houses and did other construction work.

Today, Chuck’s been working in the field for almost 30 years. His favorite part of working at The Bath Shop? As an animal lover, befriending clients’ pets is a nice bonus (even the ‘unfriendly’ ones sit in his lap by the end of a project) — but Chuck’s real favorite part is the reveal. “It’s so much fun,” he says, “especially if you’ve reconfigured and moved things. It’s gratifying to watch their reaction when they see it for the first time.”

At home, Chuck and his wife have been married for 21 years. For their last anniversary, Chuck gave his wife a schnoodle; now they have three dogs and several cats. (The two of them used to volunteer regularly at the SPCA, but they had to stop—they couldn’t help but keep all the pets they fostered!) When he’s not looking after the animals, Chuck enjoys bass fishing with his brother.

Paul Whiteside – Construction Manager

Paul Whiteside is a born-and-bred North Carolinian, hailing from Alamance County, where he still lives today. Ever since he was a little kid, Paul has had a knack for building and fixing things. He built his first house at 13 with the help of his grandfather. An avid skateboarder until an injury stopped him just a few years ago, he also built skate ramps and obstacles in his teens.

Paul went to community college for carpentry, and has worked over the years for a variety of different contractors, and as a self-employed contractor himself. “It’s a crazy business,” he says, “but I love it!”

Paul and The Bath Shop’s Senior Project Manager, Jason Ham, go way back; they went to high school together in Elon, NC. So did Paul and his fiancée, Amber. Paul had a “sweet 16” crush on her back in high school, but so did his best friend. He did the nice thing and let his friend ask her out — but he always regretted it! After high school, they went their separate ways. Then, a few years ago, each out of a long-term relationship, they reconnected.

The soon-to-be newlyweds live in Saxapahaw, NC — an old mill town turned steam-punk artist haven. (Paul plays guitar and Amber is an artist and photographer.) In their free time, they like to kayak, explore the outdoors, and play the “cool aunt and uncle” to their nieces and nephews.


Meet the Bathroom Remodeling Team at The Bath Shop of Raleigh, NC
Meet the Bathroom Remodeling Team at The Bath Shop of Raleigh, NC
Meet the Bathroom Remodeling Team at The Bath Shop of Raleigh, NC

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