What Are The Top Bathroom Remodeling Trends for 2018?

bathroom remodeling trends in 2018Are you thinking about remodeling your bathroom this year, but want something different than the traditional look? Designers report that bathroom remodeling trends are moving toward bolder fixtures, floors, and walls this year, and incorporating hi-tech features. Here are 5 of the top bathroom remodeling trends for 2018.

Stone and Quartz: Porcelain has been a staple in bathrooms for decades, but the use of natural stone is becoming more popular, particularly in the form of hand-carved sinks. Another omnipresent material, granite, is being replaced with the more durable and environmentally-friendly quartz in many updated bathrooms. These materials, particularly in neutral colors, can look contemporary and classic at the same time.

Black, Brass and Gold Fixtures: The desire for warmer tones in remodeled bathrooms is allowing gold tones to make its comeback. Many are replacing their silver and chrome faucets and other fixtures with everything from polished brass to rose gold. But when it comes to the hottest trend in fixtures, black is the new black – literally! It’s bold, graphic, simple, clean and timeless, too. Mixing metals is also becoming more common, and professionals at The Bath Shop can help you select finishes that will work well together and for your space.

Unique Tile Designs: White subway tile has been popular in home remodeling for a while now, but current bathroom remodeling trends reflect shifts toward bolder colors and interesting patterns on their floors and walls. From intricate, textured designs in a monochromatic color scheme, to simpler patterns in coordinated hues, unique tile work is trending upward. The Bath Shop’s exceptional tile artist can work with you to create something that is both functional and eye-catching for your floor or wall.

Statement Floors and Accent Walls: While using tiles is one way to make a visual impact in a remodeled bathroom, it’s not the only way. Fun wallpaper, graphic art, natural wood or stone accents, or even a fresh coat of paint are other ways to draw the eyes to one part of the room. Statement floors and walls are a great way to showcase your personality and style in one of the most practical rooms of the house.

Technology: Waterproof speakers in the shower are not the only technological amenities taking center stage in bathroom remodeling trends these days. From heated toilet seats and floors to voice-activated controls for lights and music, bathrooms are becoming more hi-tech. Cooling and warming appliances for things like skin creams and linens can also be built into an updated bathroom. The experts at The Bath Shop can integrate these modern features into the most timeless designs.

Whether you need help choosing the right materials for your guest bathroom, or you’d like a custom tile floor designed for your master en suite, The Bath Shop can help you incorporate some of 2018’s hottest bathroom remodeling trends into your new space. Contact them today for a consultation.

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