What Questions Should I Ask Before A Bathroom Remodel?

What Questions Should I Ask Before A Bathroom Remodel?Maybe you’ve just bought a new house and need to remove the hideous tile the previous owners put up. Maybe you’ve decided this is the year you create your own personal at-home spa. Or maybe you’re looking to increase the value of your house before you put it on the market.

Whatever the reason, you know it’s finally time for the bathroom remodel. But where do you start? There are many variables to consider before a project like this, whether you’re planning to give a small guest bath a new look or completely makeover your master bedroom en suite. Here are five things to consider before you remodel your bathroom:

  1. What’s the purpose? What are you looking for from your bathroom remodel? Are you looking to make the space more functional for your growing family? Do you want to create a spa-like sanctuary that you can relax in after a long day at work? Do you entertain a lot and want to make your bathroom more presentable to guests? Are you trying to conserve water and electricity by creating a more energy-efficient household? Consider your current and future needs before redesigning your bathroom.
  2. What’s your budget? Your budget will determine what can be accomplished during your bathroom remodel. It will also help you categorize the features that you absolutely want or need versus those that are negotiable. Professionals like those at The Bath Shop can help you figure out how much each feature would cost so you can distribute your funds according to your needs, and due to their expertise, they may also be able to suggest alternatives that may help save you money. It may also be wise to have some money set aside for any surprise expenses that may pop up during the remodel.
  3. Do you want a shower, a tub, or both? The practicality of a shower-tub combination makes it a popular choice, but those updating their bathrooms have other options. A couple of factors to consider when choosing between a shower or tub are space and the needs of the people that will be using the bathroom. For those that enjoy bubble baths or have pets to bathe, a tub is great, and there are many different kinds to choose from.A stand-alone shower is a good option for smaller bathrooms and for people concerned about safety, as even the most sure-footed people can slip while stepping in and out of a wet tub. One of the latest trends in modern American bathroom remodeling is curbless walk-in showers, which eliminate barriers for those with mobility issues. This feature is common in many European bathrooms, particularly where space is limited, and is now becoming more popular in the U.S. for practical and aesthetic reasons. Experts at The Bath Shop can answer any questions you may have about converting from a tub or conventional shower to a curbless one.
  4. What are your lighting preferences? Maybe you need bright lights over a vanity for shaving or applying makeup, or maybe you’d prefer dimmable lights to help set the mood for a relaxing bath. In addition to meeting needs, lighting features can bring the aesthetic of your dream bathroom together.
  5. What’s your timeline? After going over your plans and budget for your bathroom remodel, experts at The Bath Shop can help you determine a timeline for your project. Things such as weather and the scale of the project can affect how long your bathroom remodel will take. For those redoing their spare bathroom or those that have multiple bathrooms, remodel projects may simply be a minor inconvenience for a few weeks, but for those redoing the only bathroom in their house, they could be uprooted for a while. It is important to communicate with your contractors and to be aware of any issues that could alter the original timeline.

Whatever your needs are, The Bath Shop can help you achieve your vision for a new bathroom within your budget. Contact us today at (919) 621-7936 to schedule your at-home consultation with the premier bathroom remodeling experts in the Triangle.

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