What Are the Best Paint Colors for My Remodeled Bathroom?

Paint is one of the simplest ways to define the look of your remodeled bathroom, but choosing the right color palette can be one of the most difficult decisions due to the number of options available. Soft pastels create a more spa-like feel, while bold hues can add drama to an otherwise neutral room. It’s also important to consider how the space will be used. Bright yellows and greens might be great for a kid’s bathroom, but not for a room where someone will be applying makeup. Here are some of the best paint colors to consider for your bathroom remodel.

What Are the Best Paint Colors for My Remodeled Bathroom?

Gray: From ash to charcoal, gray has emerged as the neutral of choice over the last few years. Cool grays with blue, green, or purple undertones can bring tranquility to a room, while shades with warmer undertones can brighten up the space. Grays also work well with other neutrals like whites and blacks. The color’s versatility means it can make a bathroom sleek and modern when combined with materials such as concrete or wood, or more traditional when paired with porcelain or marble.

White: White is still the most popular choice for bathrooms. An all-white bathroom, particularly in bright white, is a timeless look as well as a tried-and-true way to make small spaces look bigger. Creamy shades can bring a touch of elegance to a powder room and can warm up a bathroom with darker fixtures. White walls of any shade provide a blank canvas to showcase different textures and colorful accents.

Blue: The color of water is often a popular choice in bathrooms and is currently very trendy. Sky and aqua tones can evoke the feeling of a serene beach setting. Deeper shades of blue paired with white trim and fixtures create a classic color combination that won’t go out of style anytime soon. As an extra bonus, homes with remodeled bathrooms in blue seem to sell for more than $5,000 more than expected, according to an analysis by real estate website Zillow.

Green: Those looking to bring the outdoors into their bathrooms should consider a leafy shade for their walls. Combined with earth-toned neutrals such as sandstone or beige, a soothing oasis can be created indoors. Lighter shades with tints of blue or gray are good choices for a spa-inspired bathroom.

Pink: It’s hard to find a good room for pink walls other than a child’s bedroom, but bathrooms are a good place to experiment with this color. Shades with pink or peach tones are flattering on the skin, an important factor to consider for those planning to put their makeup on in their new bathroom. Pink can be combined with white, black, or even gold for a more grown up, sophisticated look.

Yellow: This happy color will work well in light airy bathrooms, or for those who want an extra boost of cheeriness in the morning while getting ready for the day ahead. Lighter shades fit perfectly into beach or country color schemes, while deeper shades will work with more playful or contemporary designs. Unlike pink, however, this might not be the best choice for rooms used for makeup application.

Black: While some might shy away from such a dark color in the bathroom, black walls contrasted with white tiles and porcelain are another classic combination. Add gold or brass fixtures and accents for an elegant, timeless look.

Whatever paint color you choose for your walls, the experts at The Bath Shop will make sure they fit perfectly with your vision and needs. Contact us to get started with your bathroom remodeling project.

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