Bathroom Ideas for the Starter Home

Is your home in good shape? Do you want to update it without spending all your savings and keeping it somewhat neutral for when you sell down the road? If you are looking for bathroom ideas for your starter home, we here at The Bath Shop can help you with a bathroom remodeling job that will be just right for your home.

bathroom ideas for your starter home

One of the first things that we think about when we are looking at bathroom ideas for a starter home is how to keep costs down. Even if you want to remodel the bathroom, you can keep costs manageable by keeping the plumbing and fixtures in the same place. By not moving any plumbing, but updating things like the shower surround, tub, vanity and lighting, your bathroom can take on an entirely new feel for a much smaller price point.

Another one of our bathroom ideas for starter homes is to incorporate at least one luxury feature into your bathroom. Even though starter homes are generally smaller or less expensive, you can still add a little personality or luxury and enjoy it while you are there. Something like heated floors, a solid surface shower, or a rainfall showerhead can be that little something extra that you will love and future buyers will want.

When you make just a few cosmetic changes, you are able to transform something as simple as a basic bathroom into something that anyone would love to call home for their first home. If you have a starter home and want to renovate to sell for a higher price or want to enjoy the space while you’re there, contact us here at The Bath Shop for more bathroom ideas!

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