How Can I Make the Most of My Bathroom Tile Design?

Check out bathroom tile design by The Bath Shop Raleigh NCPicking out your bathroom tile design is one of the first and most important aesthetic decisions you’ll make when you have your bathroom remodeled. But how can you really make that tile shine? Whether you’re looking to turn your bathroom into a quiet private space, a luxury spa, or a children’s splash palace, there’s a tile design to suit your vision. Here are 7 tile design trends to consider when you begin planning your remodel.

  1. Minimalistic and monochromatic. These days, white subway tile can be found in bathrooms all over thanks to its simple and chic style. In general, you can’t go wrong with minimalist-friendly tiles in monochromatic colors.
  2. Tiles made of unique, eye-catching, and textured materials. Just the material you start with can make all the difference in bathroom tile design. For an ultra-luxurious bathroom, consider investing in gorgeous tiles made of unique materials like opal, glass, mother of pearl, and silver. For a more earthy and natural bathroom, consider tiles of river stone or cool concrete.
  3. Floor-to-ceiling tiles. Tiles aren’t just for floors. Another way to upgrade your bathroom design is to create height with floor-to-ceiling tile. This design decision allows for beauty in simplicity if you choose one tile design throughout or creativity and variety if you choose complimentary tile colors and patterns.
  4. Variations on a theme. It’s so easy to fall in love with a handful of tile designs once you start looking, and why limit yourself to one? Whether it’s complimentary pastel blues and greens, smooth finishes that fade into each other, or patterns of swirls that dance from floor to wall, consider making your bathroom tiles mix and match.
  5. Touches of tile in unexpected places. One way to utilize a unique pattern or lovely color is to use it in an unexpected place — as a border, trim, or even frame for bathroom mirrors or other features. This design decision also allows you to incorporate splurge-worthy tiles by highlighting them in small spaces.
  6. Tile murals. There’s nothing more eye-catching or creative and fun than a huge rubber ducky on the wall of your children’s bathroom. Of course, murals don’t have to be wild and wacky — you could also adorn your bathroom wall with an abstract and bold geometric design, lovely and intricate florals, or lulling blue-green ocean waves.
  7. Intricate patterns and mosaics. Much of the art of bathroom tiling comes down to piecing them together to create mesmerizing patterns and mosaics. Tile designers can create colorful Moroccan-inspired mosaics, herringbone and chevron patterns, the classic black-and-white checkerboard, art-deco inspired patterns, rainbow-scale scallops, sweet honeycomb, and even whimsical polka dots when the right tiles go in the right places.

Excited yet? Whether you opt for crisp and minimal or complex and intricate tilework, the Bath Shop can help install the bathroom tile design that fits your aesthetic vision. Contact us for a consultation today.

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