What Are the Pros and Cons of a Doorless Shower?

doorless shower

Shower doors and curtains can quickly become cleaning headaches, which is where a doorless shower begins to look really attractive. Not only does a doorless shower decrease upkeep, but they also give your bathroom the look and feel of a minimalist’s haven or a designer spa. But what are the major pros and cons of deciding to go doorless? Here are a few things to consider before choosing a doorless shower for your bathroom redesign.

  • Doorless showers are stylish and efficient. If you are going for a more minimalistic look, you can’t go wrong with nixing the shower door. Without a shower curtain or door in the way, you can also showcase gorgeous tilework inside the shower, like mosaics or bright accent walls.
  • They can open up your bathroom to water spray. Naturally, one of the most important considerations is the issue of showerhead spray. You do not want water spraying out of your shower and onto lighting, other fixtures, or electrical plugs. To address this, many doorless showers have large splash zones. Rain showers, or showerheads installed in the ceiling, also help avoid this problem. Because the water falls straight down, there’s less spray. Rain showers are also a gorgeous touch if you want your bathroom to feel like a luxurious spa.
  • They’re safe. One of the most common causes of injury inside the home is slipping and falling, and that’s especially true inside the bathroom. While no-slip bathroom mats help with this issue, doorless showers are another helpful solution. If the threshold level is low to the ground or if there is no curb, doorless showers are especially accessible for seniors or people with disabilities.
  • They require a special base. A doorless shower and a flat floor do not mix, unless you want to flood the rest of your bathroom. Because of this, doorless showers require customized base work for proper drainage. Often, a sloped floor and a small threshold can protect your bathroom from this problem.
  • Doorless showers are not DIY-friendly. They require custom design to properly suit your bathroom space. If you take the doorless route, you can expect custom tile work and partitions, as well as special installation for accessories. The joys of a professionally-designed doorless shower can’t be understated, though. You avoid frustration and wasted time, as well as common mistakes that can result in major headaches, like a flooded bathroom and hallway.

Thinking of going doorless for your shower? Still have some questions? The Bath Shop can help you weigh the pros and cons during our in-depth bathroom remodeling process. To get started, contact us today.

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