Tub or No Tub? How to Decide if You Want to Convert Tub to Shower

If you are reminded every morning that your shower is not as large as you’d like it, you may be considering removing the tub so that you can expand your shower. This is a common practice these days when many of us are too busy to languish in a large soaker tub as much as we’d like. There are a few things that you should consider, however, before you jump on board with the process to convert tub to shower.

Tub or No Tub? How to Decide if You Want to Convert Tub to Shower

First, do you have another bathtub in your home? Those that do are usually not concerned with losing one of them in favor of a larger shower. If you don’t, you should consider just how often you have used your bathtub and what situations could arise where you’d wish you still had it. For example, do you like having a bathtub you can fill with water when there is the potential for a hurricane or another reason for water to be cut off? Would you want the ability to take a bubble bath after a hard day or overdoing it at the gym? Will not having a bathtub at all affect resale value?

Second, is there another way that you could keep the tub while still enlarging the shower? Sometimes, there is more space than you imagine, and a bathroom renovation contractor can guide you in layout changes that avoid you losing your bathtub. In addition, if you have a large soaker tub, you might be able to downsize it and still expand the shower.

If you would like to know more about the process to convert tub to shower, as well as advice that can help you make this decision, feel free to reach out to us at The Bath Shop. We are very good at problem solving and will help you get the bathroom of your dreams with little to no sacrifice on your part. Call today to learn more.

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