Do I Need a Bathroom Renovation?

Your bathroom should be a sanctuary, a space for morning routines and long soaks at the end of the day. If your bath or shower is feeling less-than-welcoming, though, it may be time for a bathroom renovation. Considering an update but can’t quite commit yet? Here are a few signs it’s time.

  1. It’s not functional or fresh. If your bathroom looks and smells like an old bathroom, it’s time for a serious renovation. At The Bath Shop, our designers don’t just create beautiful bathrooms — they also make sure they’re fully functional and fresh. If your bathroom needs a new wax seal for the toilet, a fix for a sink leak, or better ventilation, we’ll make sure those problems are a thing of the past. Say goodbye to water stains and the relentless drip-drop of a broken faucet.
  2. The layout doesn’t make sense. Let’s say your toilet is working perfectly fine – no leaks! – but it happens to be located right next to the bathtub. There is nothing attractive or relaxing about this setup. Our bathroom renovation entails a full-scale design process, during which we can help you decide where each feature belongs. We’ll make sure everything is in the right place — even the niche.
  3. The lighting is bad. A bathroom should feel fresh, bright, and clean — and without quality lighting, that’s an impossibility. Blinding lights, of course, are an equally frustrating problem. To make sure your morning routine is perfectly well-lit and your evening bath is dimmable for relaxing ambiance, go for a renovation.
  4. bathroom renovation
  5. It’s outdated. Let’s say everything in your bathroom is working well, but it looks like a blast from the past – and not in a beautiful, vintage-meets-modern way. One of the most sure-fire signs that a bathroom is in need of a remodel is an outdated color palette. Sponge-painted walls, popcorn ceilings, and giant jetted whirlpool tubs are relics best left in old photographs. Update your space with stylish wallpaper or tiling, smooth ceilings, a standalone tub, or doorless shower.
  6. It’s low on storage. If you can’t store everything you need in your bathroom, a bath designer can help. We make the most of small spaces, even the slimmest hallway bathrooms, with vanities, cabinetry, wall-mounted storage, niches, and more.
  7. You’re moving. If your bathroom is an eyesore and the house isn’t selling, a stylish remodel may be just what you need to give your space a boost with buyers.
  8. You want a bathroom renovation. Bathrooms are some of the most high-traffic rooms in the home — and you deserve one that suits your unique personal style. If you feel like it’s time for a bathroom renovation, chances are you’re right! To get started on yours, contact us at the Bath Shop.
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