How Do I Explain the Style I Want to My Bathroom Designer?

You know what you like and what you don’t like, but what’s the best way to communicate that to your bathroom designer? Styles can be a great shorthand for explaining your aesthetic preferences without having to scroll through Pinterest together. Here are a few styles that will help you and your bathroom designer get on the same page. Once your designer knows your style preferences, he or she can contribute even more ideas and suggestions to personalize and perfect your bathroom aesthetic.

Coastal: If you’re remodeling your beach house getaway, you may want a matching coastal aesthetic. A coastal bathroom can be rustic with wooden and woven accessories or soothing and peaceful with reflective glass tiles and sea glass blues and greens.

coastal bathroom designer

Farmhouse: This popular style, reminiscent of life in the countryside, features minimal design and rustic details, like reclaimed wood, wicker baskets, and re-purposed furniture. The farmhouse bathroom can be updated for a more modern home with crisp white and vintage features, like vessel sinks and claw foot tubs.

modern farmhouse bathroom design

Contemporary: The contemporary or modern look is all about form and function. Clean lines, a lack of clutter, and an emphasis on sleekness and simplicity dominate this design. With a contemporary bathroom, trends like the no-bathtub bathroom and doorless shower are considerations you may want to discuss with your designer. Special architectural details like moldings and face frames on cabinets become unnecessary, while built-in features and niches match the seamless contemporary bathroom.

contemporary bathroom designer

Industrial: Like the contemporary bathroom, industrial bathrooms focus on strong and striking features, but with a rough-around-the-edges style. Industrial bathrooms often feature subway tile walls and durable materials like brick, concrete, and steel. For industrial buildings turned condos and city lofts with exposed brick, the industrial bathroom is a cool, modern choice.

industrial bathroom raleigh

Traditional: Traditional and transitional styles are strong candidates for potential resale. The traditional style honors timeless features, like elegant marble surfaces, classic chandelier lighting, and pristine detail work.

traditional bathroom

Craftsman: If you’ve just moved into a craftsman-style home, there’s a craftsman-style bathroom to match. The craftsman style is all about carefully chosen and well-finished details. Handmade tiles, dark stained wood, and rich textures and finishes are all featured in the craftsman bathroom.

craftsman bathroom designer

Eclectic: In love with all of the above? Not ready to commit just yet? Tell your bathroom designer you have an eclectic taste. The eclectic style is mix and match, where an industrial base can meet vintage details, or a traditional bathroom can get a dash of modernity. Your designer will help you narrow down what ‘eclectic’ means to you in terms of bathroom features, design, and details.

Your Style
The joy of working with a bathroom designer is that your finished bathroom will feature your exact personal style – whatever category or categories your style may fall under. To begin dreaming up your bathroom remodel, contact The Bath Shop. Our team of expert bathroom designers will talk you through the entire process and design a bathroom that suits your style perfectly.

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