How Can I Create a Pet Friendly Bathroom?

pet friendly bathroom remodel The Bath Shop Raleigh NCIf you have a dog or cat, chances are nearly every area of your house has been pet-proofed. But do you have a pet-friendly bathroom? You know that happy tails are a hazard for vases; pesky paws love to stain white sheets; and puppy teeth adore wooden furniture. You know how important 24/7 litter box access is, and how quickly fine fabrics can become scratching posts for feline friends. When doggies get to digging for treasure in the muddy garden or spend hours fetching in the river, the need for a pet-friendly bathroom becomes all too clear. Here are a few ways to make sure your bathroom remodel is pet-friendly.

A Toilet, Not a Drinking Bowl: Dogs and cats alike love to drink water straight out of the toilet bowl, instead of the water bowls you so nicely bought for them. If you find yours lapping up toilet water the moment you forget to close the bathroom door, consider installing a bubbler. Running water keeps the pets away from the toilet and provides fresh, circulating water. Bubblers and fountains plumb right into the water line and require no refill or water level checking, so they’re an easy and stylish fix for a common problem.

A Bathroom for Two: Your bathroom isn’t just for you, it’s for your kitten, too. One of the most intuitive spots for a litter box is the bathroom. Of course, this quickly makes for an unsightly and smelly private space, especially if she doesn’t wipe her paws. In order to make your bathroom remodel more pet and design-friendly, consider repurposing unused bathroom cabinets or closet space for your cat’s litter box. Add a small kitty door so she can easily get in and out.

Bathtime with Fido: If you can get a dirty pooch into the bathtub, you’ve performed a miracle. But then comes the struggle of keeping him there. To transform your bathroom or mudroom into a dog-washing station, install handheld shower heads. These are perfect for making sure every inch of your pup is clean, even if he’s making the process difficult. You may also want to consider a doorless shower as opposed to a closed shower or difficult-to-enter tub. A fast shower or bath is Fido’s favorite, so he’ll thank you the moment he can hop out.

Bathroom Floors for Fido and Felines: Wood floors were not designed with pets in mind. In the bathroom, carpet’s a no-go as well due to issues with mold, mildew, and cleaning. For a pet-friendly bathroom, consider installing ceramic tiles. If your pup likes to shake it off after a bath, you may also want to consider floor-to-ceiling tiles for easy cleanup.

You and yours deserve a designer bathroom remodel, and making yours pet-friendly is easy to do at the Bath Shop. Contact us today to get started on yours.

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