Which Grout Color Should I Choose for My Bathroom Tile?

If you’ve found the perfect paint color and bathroom tile design for your remodel but still don’t know what grout color you want, our design experts at The Bath Shop have you covered. Grout color is the glue that brings together your tile design and the overall aesthetic impact of your bathroom remodel. In this sense, choosing the right color grout is all about what your overall goals are for your remodel. Do you want a clean and crisp traditional bathroom, an updated modern space full of color and contrast, or something in between? Here are a few grout colors to consider for your remodel.

Light Grouts
White, off-white, and light-colored grouts can have a variety of different effects based on what color tiles you’re working with. Like anything gloriously bright and white, though, they require regular scrubbing to stay clean and crisp.

Neutral Grouts
Neutral grouts are a great happy medium and safe bet for a bathroom grout color. They are easy to clean and take care of, they add a more warm and relaxing feeling to bathrooms, and they sink into the background to let intriguing bathroom tile designs and colors shine. Where light and dark-colored grouts can provide striking contrast, neutral grouts effortlessly bring the room together.

Dark Grouts
Just as light grouts make dark tiles appear bolder, dark grouts add visual interest and striking contrast when paired with light-colored bathroom tiles. Unlike white grouts, they require less cleaning and upkeep, though they are prone to fading and staining from strong bathroom cleaners.

Colorful Grouts
While light and dark-colored grouts can add interest with contrast or seamlessly connect tile designs, colorful grouts demand attention of their own. They’re unusual and unexpected – a great choice for a more playful bathroom, like this pink grout on white tiles or this green-gray grout and herringbone-patterned tiles.

A little color can go a long way, like this touch of orange grout in this contemporary bathroom with matching rose gold features.

Choosing Your Grout Color
Like any feature in a bathroom remodel, the right grout color depends on your personal needs and goals for your remodel. At The Bath Shop, we can help you turn your remodel into the designer bathroom that’s perfect for you. We’ll help you figure out exactly what you want every step of the way. To get started on your remodel, contact us today.

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